Friday, April 13, 2007

Moving Forward

AmateurArtwork is so very happy that you artists have kept us so busy this past month! We are proud to say that we have posted new artwork almost daily the entire month of March and are looking forward to expanding from, to put it nicely, a content-minimalistic site. We have so much love for you guys!

As for the nuts and bolts of things, we are also looking forward to a total redesign of AmateurArtwork. Our admin is hard at work whipping up a new design (without tables, without frames...) to better showcase our expanding content. She's a busy one, bear with her.

Please keep creating your beautiful art, and of course, if you are an artist currently with us, don't forget that you can add or remove works from the galleries simply by emailing your request with all the gritty details. Send it to

Of course, for questions, suggestions, and the like, email

To leave you with a meaningful of the greatest hindrances to creating something new is the belief that it has all been done before.

Don't be a stranger!



hey girlie - how the hell did you find that post? are you googling yourself again? ha ha.

prick of the spindle and cynthia reeser are the two coolest things ever, im so envious of you. i wish i could design or paint or draw or make things, something creative.

keep doing what you're doing and god bless.


webmistress said...

Well, if it isn't THE Barry Graham! Yes, I Google myself. Regularly. And Prick of the Spindle. One has to stay abreast of things. Haha. Thanks for the compliments...Hey, is your year wait-period for submissions up yet? *checking archives*