Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wrapping Up

My nonfiction book wraps up next week. I have to say that the project has been a learning experience. I have become better at parceling out my time, and at maximizing the workable hours. But then, I've always been a fan of deadlines for just these reasons--having a specific timeline to work within provides a system, and a sort of time enclosure in which a more narrow focus is attainable.

After my final stages are handed in, I begin a new project. It's another lengthier project, and something that I am very excited about. My new client has put the last 7 years of her life into her memoir, and I hope, as her editor, to help her make it the best version of itself. I have a few publishers in mind for her already...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Debut of Prick of the Spindle Vol. 3.3

Prick of the Spindle Vol. 3.3 has launched! View the latest greatest at http://www.prickofthespindle.com/

With all this talk of podcasting, I have been searching for authors in my area to collaborate on a conversation, but alas...I must be the only published writer within a 100-mile vicinity. To remedy this problem, my fiction editor Erin McKnight and I will be formulating a discussion on writing...topic TBA, but check the website regularly, and follow my tweets to stay updated! reesercyn and PrickotheSpindl are my Twitter names, and you can become a fan of Prick of the Spindle on Facebook.

Hope you enjoy the new issue! It's chock full of great fiction, poetry, and some wonderful reviews (7 of which I wrote, so I'm biased!). There is also new art by Elahzar Rao and Debi Blankenship, and a wonderful dramatic piece, "Harmony Falls," by Mary Beth O'Connor. Also be sure to check out the interview with David McNamara of sunnyoutside press. I have been reviewing sunnyoutside publications for a while now, so it was a pleasure to get a behind-the-scenes take from the man himself.

I'm meeting with a new client tomorrow who needs a good editing eye on her memoir, so I had better get some sleep!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am excited to have finally learned podcasting! It's something that's been at the periphery of my brain for a while now, buzzing every now and then. I was asked to do a podcast by Atlantic Publishing, who will be publishing my nonfiction book, How to Publish Your Children's Book later in 2009.

Check my blog regularly for information on how and where you can access the podcast.

And what with the newest issue of Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 3.3., just around the corner, I am thinking of doing a podcast to accompany the issue, although I would really like to find a few talented writers, preferably published authors, in my area to talk shop with.

Look for Prick of the Spindle Vol. 3.3 on September 23!

Happy Saturday to all.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Publications Forthcoming

A few new publications forthcoming...I read my poem "Confession #31: The problem with the heart" in the upcoming issue of The Dirty Napkin, the Sept. 22 issue. That voice recording took 3 times or so, but Jeremy Ellis is very patient, so my thanks to him for giving me the chance to get it right.

I'm excited to have two works upcoming in Artifice Magazine, one a graphic story (read: not a graphic novel) and a poem written in html.

And three pieces of art coming soon in 322 Review: Factory Town, Impermanence, and Smokescreens.

And what with the next issue of Prick of the Spindle just around the corner, what a whirlwind! Look for Vol. 3.3 on September 23.

Also, check out Scott Bowen's new journal Divine Dirt Quarterly.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Nonfiction Book Forthcoming

I am currently writing my book for Atlantic Publishing, How to Publish Your Children's Book. I'm not sure which is more exciting--interviewing children's authors, editors, and illustrators, or the research!

New Chapbook Forthcoming

Finishing Line Press will be publishing my first poetry chapbook, Light and Trials of Light in early 2010. Stay posted for more details.