Friday, April 13, 2007

Moving Forward

AmateurArtwork is so very happy that you artists have kept us so busy this past month! We are proud to say that we have posted new artwork almost daily the entire month of March and are looking forward to expanding from, to put it nicely, a content-minimalistic site. We have so much love for you guys!

As for the nuts and bolts of things, we are also looking forward to a total redesign of AmateurArtwork. Our admin is hard at work whipping up a new design (without tables, without frames...) to better showcase our expanding content. She's a busy one, bear with her.

Please keep creating your beautiful art, and of course, if you are an artist currently with us, don't forget that you can add or remove works from the galleries simply by emailing your request with all the gritty details. Send it to

Of course, for questions, suggestions, and the like, email

To leave you with a meaningful of the greatest hindrances to creating something new is the belief that it has all been done before.

Don't be a stranger!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Changes and Updates

If you are a repeat offender (visiting this website, of course) then you may have noticed that we changed our blog name. Formerly "Prick of the Spindle," it is now entitled "Abstractions." This is due to one very good reason--the recent launch of The Prick of the Spindle online literary journal.

The Prick of the Spindle is now accepting submissions in the realms of poetry, fiction (long, short, and flash), nonfiction, and even reviews. If you are interested or even just curious, please visit We can't wait to read your work.

Additionally, we have had an especially large influx of submissions recently, and are looking forward to broadening the horizons known as AmateurArtwork. Chalk it up to an off-season, but things were a little slow around here for a while...But so far, we absolutely love what we have seen, so please keep on sending it!


Monday, March 5, 2007

February? What February?

Okay, we skipped a month posting a newsletter...but that's okay, since it probably went unnoticed by 99.998% of our overall viewing population. (Though I guess we were lucky to get one lonely blogger response in January...) But come on, let's hear from you! I know you're out site stats tell me so.

I just read a New York Times review on MoMA's new exhibition, entitled "Comic Abstraction: Image-Breaking, Image-Making." You can check it out at
Let me know what you think...I will leave out my personal opinions and let you guys run with it.

Although I will say this, cartooning certainly has its own place in the art world, but I think that bringing it into the field of fine arts can be a very delicate process, given its humble roots. Actually, we would love to see some illustrators on this site (hint hint)...


Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Season for Artists

AmateurArtwork is pleased to be posting its first blog, care of yours truly, Artiste-- aka The Webmistress.

A lot of exciting changes are going on at right now. We recently (and painfully) implemented a store for our artists to sell their pieces which are already displayed in our galleries. And we now offer the option for artists to simply post their pieces in gallery space rather than having to go through the approval process, which can take a while. The Submissions and Reviews Board still reviews pieces submitted by artists who wish for their work to be placed in the AmateurArtwork Store, however. Now there is just another option for those who wish to sell their pieces on their own.

If you choose to have us set up a gallery area for you, and do not wish to go through the long submission and approval process to have your pieces in the AmateurArtwork Store, we will also post your contact information so that interested buyers can purchase directly from you, without having AmateurArtwork as a liaison or middleman.

To submit, simply contact us at, and let us know which you prefer. If you wish to have your own display area without submitting, the cost is $30 for 6 months. To enable this option, simply send us your work at We'd love to hear from you.

In the near future, we will also be adding a blog area directly to the site, so that you can give us your opinions and feedback on the pieces currently in the galleries. Hopefully this will also develop into a forum for artists to discuss practices and techniques, as well as with what is current in the ever-changing art world.

Drop us a line, browse the galleries, send us your work!

With Love
C Reeser