Saturday, March 10, 2007

Changes and Updates

If you are a repeat offender (visiting this website, of course) then you may have noticed that we changed our blog name. Formerly "Prick of the Spindle," it is now entitled "Abstractions." This is due to one very good reason--the recent launch of The Prick of the Spindle online literary journal.

The Prick of the Spindle is now accepting submissions in the realms of poetry, fiction (long, short, and flash), nonfiction, and even reviews. If you are interested or even just curious, please visit We can't wait to read your work.

Additionally, we have had an especially large influx of submissions recently, and are looking forward to broadening the horizons known as AmateurArtwork. Chalk it up to an off-season, but things were a little slow around here for a while...But so far, we absolutely love what we have seen, so please keep on sending it!



thisisit said...

I will be submitting soon. Looking forward to working with you!

webmistress said...

Thank you...we look forward to bringing you in to the AmateurArtwork community!