Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking a Breather

What a weekend. After logging in so many hours for the past several weeks to meet with my client for the memoir editing project (re: 3 hours driving per day required), not to mention those spent in front of the computer screen, it was nice--scratch that--it was hugely exciting to finally get away. Not for business.

First on the agenda: Memphis to help a friend move back, but little did he know it would be no simple move. I dragged him along with me to the New Orleans Book Fair, sort of. Although we missed the fair on Saturday, we stuck around town all day Sunday and did what people in New Orleans do. I got to visit the famous cemeteries, which I had been dying (haha) to see since way back. Then we took the streetcar (what San Franciscans know as a trolley) to the Aquarium and les bebes had a blast--they pet the sharks, came eye to eye with sea otters and looked into the core of the feral glowing jellyfish. Then I treated all to some fine local cuisine, and finally it was off for coffee and beignets at the Cafe du Monde.

Unfortunately, it was also the weekend of the Saints game, which meant that J. Bradley's reading/performance at the Zeitgeist, and most other highly worthy cultural events, were in competition with The Game. But it was wonderful meeting J. Bradley, author of "Dodging Traffic," and Jason Cook of Ampersand Books (two fellow Floridians).

I'm back, refreshed, and ready to begin new contracts. Next up on the agenda is a book on Kindle publishing. And the next issue of Prick of the Spindle is just around the corner--coming up on December 23. I will be making time at the end of this week to finally do that initial podcast I've been so vocal about. No, I didn't forget. It's coming. Promise.

Also, I want to send out a warm thank you to Mel Bosworth, captain of the blog No More Hot Lunches for Eddie Socko, for his many and generous shout-outs and retweets. The support is much appreciated. Pre-Order his new chapbook "When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories"(Folded Word Press, 2009.

And if you haven't ordered a copy of the Prick of the Spindle Fiction Open Competition No. 1 signature print edition, please do so now and support the journal! We are still saving to apply for federal nonprofit status, and your $8 helps the good cause. Order here.

Also be sure to enter Prick of the Spindle's first Poetry Open Competition, which also results in a print edition featuring the winners and honorable mentions. The prize is a framed black and white photograph by yours truly. Enter here.

And last but not least, visit the Finishing Line Press website and pre-order a copy of my first poetry chapbook, "Light and Trials of Light." I'm giving kisses to the first 50 people who order. But I don't travel. That's on you. ;-)


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