Thursday, February 25, 2010

Because I am Tired, and Shameless, and Writing Moves Me.

Things that have kept me lately from blogging as I should:

1. Working what I think works out to about 100+ hours per week.

2. Reading stories like this one, by Scott McClanahan.

3. Bringing home a brand new bundle of ISBN. (Yes, the plural for ISBN is "ISBN," which cracks me up. It figures that the initialism to such a term has its own grammatical rules.)

4. Getting published in Metazen.

5. Getting mentioned at The Kenyon Review.

6. Getting rejected (again) by The Collagist.

7. Having my work read on video here.

8. Having my book on children's publishing reviewed here and here.

9. Finishing up the final edits on my book on Kindle publishing.

10. Being a guest reader at Lynn Alexander's Full of Crow Poetry Hour.

11. Reading Aqueous Books submissions.

12. Reading submissions for Prick of the Spindle.

13. Final judging for Prick of the Spindle's Poetry Open Competition No. 1.

14. Gearing up for the Art Party VII this weekend.

15. Keeping track of Prick of the Spindle Kindle Magazine subscriptions.

16. Being afraid of missing my deadline to send in my NewPages book review for March, for The Cormorant Hunter's Wife, by Joan Kane.

17. Reading Mel Bosworth here and here and here.

18. Writing a story for an upcoming e-book from Metazen.

19. Having Light and Trials of Light reviewed here .

20. Guest blogging here and here and here.

21. Getting mentioned here and here and here.

22. Getting interviewed here and here.

23. Finishing a painting and another.

24. Listening to this. Over and over.

25. Writing blurbs for such excellent forthcoming books as Paper House by Jessie Carty.



Mel Bosworth said...

awesomeness. you are a busy busy awesome awesome. you are a busy awesome. with links.

huge congrats, reeser. keep it rolling. keep breathing.

Howie Good said...

You know what Vonnegut would say: "Busy, busy." Or maybe "So it goes."

B. Freret said...

Well. That would explain it. I guess.


I bet Wonder Woman continues to envy you. If not, she should.

Gay Degani said...

And I've been thinking I've been busy. Uhm, I couldn't get past items two and three before I'd have to take a nap.

Johnsie Noel said...

SWEETNESS! This post made me dizzy. I didn't know which link to tap first. Keep on, writing on! You are inspiring.

Jessie Carty said...

i think i'm tired just reading that!! and amazed you were able to keep up with all of it :)

Thanks for reading Paper House. I just love hearing what other people take away from it cause, ya know, how writing can just be so - navel gazing....hehe

Cynthia Reeser said...

Mel: It is a machine that keeps me breathing. I guess I'm on a breathing machine. I might as well be hooked up to life support.

Howie: Everyone should know that Howie is also a machine, one that writes top notch poetry. He published an obscene number of chapbooks in 2009, and 2010 is already looking very good. Keep your eye on this one, everybody.

Boudreau: Wonder Woman and I have lunch every Saturday. The mutual admiration is unspoken.

Gay: Dear All, Gay Degani is a wonderful writer, and another one to watch. She is, however, humble: do not let this fool you.

Johnsie: You are sweet. Thank you. :-)

Jessie: I am just discovering what it is like to "see" your work through another person's eyes. It looks a lot different from your own navel. Awesome feeling, isn't it?

Jessie Carty said...

Cynthia - it is strange because I've worked with so many of the same people over the last year or so and to have people outside that sphere read and respond to my work is very invigorating. Of course, I am waiting for the bad review :) wonder who it will come from....

Lynn Alexander said...

Cynthia you are one busy lady!

Best of luck with all of these wonderful things.