Saturday, February 6, 2010


The manuscripts for Aqueous Books are rolling in. I'm really looking forward to reading the material we're receiving.

If you haven't caught it yet, Jason Behrends of Orange Alert kindly interviews me here. Thanks, Jason. You are good people.

I'm looking forward to receiving my shipment of Light and Trials of Light. And, of course, the first issue of Artifice, which is stacked. Have you seen the line-up? Gaw. Check it out.

And, on a non-writing-related topic, I feel the need to document somehow, in some medium (and blogging is as good a medium as any other), the cuteness of my 3-year-old child. Most of you are familiar with how children go through phases, especially when they are very young and when it comes to their speech patterns. I know I am not alone as a parent in thinking that my child is precocious (and precious). For example, his latest cute-ism has been, "When you were a..." His dialogue is often:

"When you were a _____, you (or I) _____."

Examples of late have been:

"When you were a chicken nugget, I ate you all gone."

"When you were a race car, I drove you."

"When you were a light bulb, I turned you on."

"When you had a foot on your head, I put a boot on it."

"When you were a bottle, I drank you."

"When you were a chair, I sat on you."

"When you were a hat, I put you on my head."

To me, this is the perfect fodder for a children's book. Who knows, with inspiration like this, maybe one will be in the works soon.



Mel Bosworth said...

awesome. chicken nugget one is golden. and i am now hungry for a chicken nugget.

Andrew Bowen said...

I'm using the lightbulb one to hit on the wife. The fact that it comes from a three-year-old will make her melt. Tell the little one I said thank you ; )

Cynthia Reeser said...

Glad I could help spark the hunger, Mel. AB, that's smooth. She'll appreciate that one.