Friday, December 18, 2009

Fabulous Friday, a post in which I brag about people I know

I'm dubbing today Fabulous Friday. Following will ensue shameless bragging about my friends. And that's all it is, so stop reading here if you're not interested.

Who has the best editors? I do! Eric Weinstein, Erin McKnight, Anne Marie Rooney, and Tori Bradshaw are the best editors a 'chief could ask for. Their expertise, dedication, and brilliance (I'm not kidding!) are the backbone of every issue. I am so lucky and happy to have the opportunity to work with them.

Up at the 'naut (that's Fictionaut) is an interview with yours truly on Prick of the Spindle. Nicolle Elizabeth asks the best questions. Read it here.

More bragging (I told you!): Finnegan Flawnt, whose reading voice is near-unrivalled, reads my flash piece, "Invasion." Thank you, Finnegan. If you are not a voice actor, god only knows why. Sir, you need to go to Hollywood.

Is this the holiday spirit? Who knows. All I know is that these wonderful people, and several others whose work I'm reading and loving right now (see: When the Cats Razzed the Chickens by Mel Bosworth), are making me feel really cheesy right now, saying silly things like, they're the spark that's feeding my energy to launch the next issue and make my second book deadline mere days afterward. You. Guys. Rock.



Mel Bosworth said...

fabulous, reeser. ab fab. great post, and thanks for the Razz love. i shall have to peruse all the goodness.

Cynthia Reeser said...

My pleasure, as always.