Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolutions.

Without ado:

1. Take GRE
2. Apply to grad schools
3. Get scholarships (many)
4. Continue raising fundage
5. Use said fundage to apply for federal nonprofit status
6. Get grants to make excellent things happen
7. Publishing, publishing, and more publishing

Expansion of brain and business looms on the horizon.


Andrew Bowen said...

Sounds like a plan. Have no doubts as to your success

Cynthia Reeser said...

Thanks, Scott. Cheers to you and yours in 2010. I wish you the very best.

Howie Good said...

what degree are you going for? in what discipline?

Drew said...

Yes, what will you be studying?

Cynthia Reeser said...

Going for an MA in English...I would like to concentrate on crticism or just literary studies. I was accepted to U of Nottingham, but complications with scholarships are pushing me to study stateside.

Guy Pursey said...

This is basically my to-do list for 2010 too. GRE looks kind of daunting - I have a 'For Idiots' guide but need to make time to read it. Let me/us know how it goes :-)

Cynthia Reeser said...

Will do, Guy. I'm actually on the fence between accepting the offer for distance studies at Nottingham, or studying stateside in order to participate in teaching...I wish you luck in your own studies!