Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Passing Thoughts

If editors became cops:

"Drop your caps! That's it..."

"What'd I do?"

"Put your modifiers where I can see them!"

"Ma'am, I've done nothing wrong."

"I'm charging you with the apposition of justice and two counts of comma splices. You'll be spending some time in the state periphrastic, buddy."



Mel Bosworth said...

this is funny. i love it when reeser gets zany.

Cynthia Reeser said...

thanks, mel. i'm considering offshoots of this. maybe it's completely pointless, but it fills the time it takes to print submissions.

Mel Bosworth said...

it's not pointless. it's fun.

....and i bet you're not very good at sitting still, are you?

Cynthia Reeser said...

You do realize you just validated that post. And that now there will probably be more, and that you will be partly to blame?

You guessed correctly, sir. I think I even multitask in my dreams.

Mel Bosworth said...

if you make more funny, i will gladly take a percentage of the blame.

Andrew Bowen said...

I'm gonna second Mel on this. Once you pop you can't stop.

Cynthia Reeser said...

Oh, now the pressure's on. :-)